When do you need a Feng Shui Consultation?

We are in Period 9 (2024 - 2044)

At the beginning of February 2024, not only did the year change, but the 20-year period of energy also changed. We are now in Period 9 after 20 years of a very different energy. You can learn more about Period 9 on my Blog.

This transition brings many changes and a Feng Shui consultation can help you find balance.

Do you feel you need a new direction?

Have you ever noticed how one day is different from another? One month is different from another, or even a year that has changed? When something was good and now it is not, or it was bad and now it has improved. These changes are influenced by the Energy (Qi) of space and time.

The energy of the space where you spend time can influence your mind and body, and lead your mind to think about actions and decisions that can be good or bad. Since Energy (Qi) has no principles or values, what is observed is its ability to bring out the best or the worst in each person.

In all cases of Feng Shui, bringing Energy (Qi) into balance is the difference:


Professional Career


Academic and Spiritual Development

Choosing a building site

By analysing land forms, soil quality, and the direction and form of the site a Feng Shui practitioner can choose the site, which best serves the needs and desires of the client. 

Designing a Building

By taking into account the time of construction, Fengshui Edgar can determine for the building a location and orientation, which will let it benefit from the most favourable influences of the surrounding land forms (water and mountain features). She can give advice of the best arrangement of both external and internal features of the building. 

Choosing a new Home

Feng Shui practitioner can investigate the suitability of premises taking into account both the general features of the location and the suitability for each individual planning to occupy the premises. 


The principles of Feng Shui help in choosing the best locations, directions and colour schemes when building new extensions or renovating any premises, whether the renovation is as extensive as changing the location of doors, windows, and walls, or as small as painting a wall a different colour or rearranging the furniture. 

Difficulties after moving to the new Home

It's not uncommon for things to go wrong after you move to a new place, even if there's no obvious reason. The Feng Shui of your new home could be the source of the problem. A Feng Shui consultant can help you restore balance and harmony to your environment, which can lead to positive changes in your life. 

Annual Review

Considering changes caused by the passing time is a crucial factor in Feng Shui practices. Usually an annual check-up is performed before the start of the Chinese New Year, in the beginning of February. 

What is the cost of a Feng Shui Consultation?

Pricing - Due to the varying complexity and requirements of surveys and analyses, it is not possible to create an exhaustive price list. Please contact me via email.

Remote Surveys - Surveys can be carried out remotely, as modern referencing tools such as google earth and SetCompass are more accurate than traditional compass-based methods.