Readings from The Master of the Ghost Valley

Get your life reading as written in the Book "Ghost Valley Art of Life Reading" (鬼谷子算命術 Gui Gu Zi Suan Ming Shu). A translation into English of the ancient Chinese classic 'Ghost Valley Art of Life Reading' by Masters Joseph Yu and Foon Chick.


The text says that the original work dates from just after the time of Confucius, during the Warring States Period (475BC to 221BC). The manuscript was written in verse form in a cryptic style, by an author who was known as "Master Ghost Valley". The manuscript was believed to have been lost for many years until it was rediscovered. 

Many scholars examined the text before they eventually figured out that the work of Master Ghost Valley was a form of astrology. Perhaps, it took many discussions sitting in the garden drinking cups of wine under the moonlight before they understood what Master Ghost Valley was talking about. It was discovered that stars and numerals formed a system of life readings. 

The stars and numerals could foretell the future. Master Ghost Valley's system of life reading describes someone's destiny in a series of cryptic verses. Each person's destiny, or life path, is determined by a year star, an hour star and a numeral. The text concludes by saying that this system has been named "Chinese Destiny Star Astrology" because it indicates that a person's destiny is tied to two stars and a numeral.